Halloween Card ( Mom no peeking!!!)


I know you will see this card and say….that’s not vintage….or shabby chic. I made this card especially for my Mom down in Texas who has a much more traditional taste. She calls my style Frou Frou lol. So here is a card that is much simpler and no fancy lace or inking and stamping. Mom happens to love the Peanuts and I found this great little sticker set right after the holiday last year and managed not to loose it for a whole year!!!! YAY ME!!!! I did manage to sneak in a little paper layering though tee hee and some buttons. I think green and purple make a nice color combination for Halloween.

I had to finish the inside too!!!!


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  1. Oh my goodness….this is the cutest card ever!!!!
    Do you have Peanuts papers? If so can you set a couple aside for me?
    I was going to come in but I have a terrible cold…..and I am sure you would not like for me to share!! LOL Also….I have made almost 120 of my notebooks…..thank you so so much for the add-ons! They are a big hit with the kids! love you !

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