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Nevermore Card


Not your typical Halloween colors…but I just love the combination of blue and black.  The raven image is from Graphics Fairy. I actually managed to get 6 layers of paper here. Yay me : ) The polka dot is one of my favs from Jenni Bowlin.  I typed the sentiment with my handy dandy manual typewriter. I love how uneven and smudgy it looks…just like a real vintage typeset would be. there’s a bit of fancy ribbon donated by good friend Kim. I topped it off with some fun velvety black flowers and a bow!

Halloween Card


Okay…so I’m all in the mood for Halloween now that I’ve visited Screams ice cream shop. I was inspired to make this fun card today with an image from Graphics Fairy. I added tons of layers of paper, then accented it with some great little vintage finds from Jenni Bowlin Mercantile. Love this chipboard button and spooky bingo card. The glittery black cat and stars finish off this card purfectly. : )

Field Trip to Hell


Went last night with the Boy Scouts to play mini golf in Hell. What?????? Yes…there is a Hell Michigan. And it happens to be right around the corner from where we live in Pinckney. I know a million jokes are going through your head right now. It happens to everyone when they hear it. Turns out that Hell has is a small little village with a lot going for it. They have lot’s of races for one. The Boy Scouts get to do a lot of fundraising to help direct traffic for these huge events! They also have some nice little restaurants. They also have Screams. Until last night I had not been inside. I thought it was just an ice cream shop-mini golf center. But here is what awaits for those fortunate to go inside! I love love love this place!!!! Look at this fun display. Reminds me of a scary chicken coop.

Wowsers do they have a ton of cool Halloween stuff. It was too much to look at in one trip. I will go back and check it out again when I can go through it more slowly.

Everywhere you look there is more Halloween fun! Isn’t this an awesome display. Makes my Halloween decor at Polly’s look pitiful. LOL I gotta step it up this year for sure!!

Love this look with the rickety shutters!

Upside down spooky tree. Why didn’t I think of that?????

Last but not least….Screams is an ice cream shop. Let me just tell you how good it smelled. The very nice Diane had just made a fresh batch of waffle cones. Insert drooling moment now! lol. This fun display is actually a topping bar. Okay…truth be told…this place had me at “topping Bar” lol. The rest of the shop was just the icing on the cake.

Some very happy scouts waiting for their treats!!! Lucky scouts : ) I will be going back with my shopping list. I’m sure Diane will help me get Polly’s into spooktacular shape!!! She was so nice….even with a store full of scouts! Thank you for all your help last night. 

If you find yourself in Hell….stop in. Can’t hardly miss this building LOL. They also have a site you can visit… Many great things to click on. You can even get many items from the shop online. I recommend going to the real shop though…it was so much fun to go to Hell.

P.S. See that tiny door on the left side of the blue door??? My BFF Heather said it was the door for me ( I am really a very short person in real life you see) and made me go through it. I would be upset…except that I think I overheard her and Kenny conspiring to get me a huge cat display that looks like Polly for my birthday next month! I’m not letting on that I know…so as not to ruin the surprise : )

This Country Life….


Enjoying a a day off from the shop here today and I’m happy to report that we are getting a little break from our heat wave. So nice to have the windows open!!! I did spy these two cranes in the back yard. Our grass is really crispy and dry from all the heat…but they don’t seem to mind.

Between 3 trips back and forth from the high school to deliver and pick up Alex from tennis I’ve been baking some lovely bread to go with dinner.

These are steak house mini loves. You know the kind that taste so good with honey butter? For the first picture…I just placed them in the bowl without cutting into one and it looked just like a bowl of potatoes LOL. Take two…cut one open and show the inside…it’s gets it’s color from coffee powder and unsweetened cocoa and honey. It does sound a little odd…but believe me…the are soooo tasty!!! : )

This is our dinner. Alex had to have his early so he could go to practice. I’ve been utilizing the crock pot a lot now that I seem to be at work a lot. We have also been hiking…so we don’t get home until later in the evening. I cook something gimongous on Monday and split it up into several meals that are different….but with similar ingredients so we don’t get bored. Today I made sweet Italian sausage (from Costco) with crushed stewed Italian tomatoes. I also sauteed up some red pepper and onion, and just ladled some of the tomato “sauce” over top then added a little Parmesan cheese. Tomorrow it will be hoagies????

Scooter has elected to spend his day having a nice long catnap! See him snoozing on his Lions blankie??? He is such a fluffy football fan : )

Lily is chillaxin too. Trying to camouflage herself on the rug so she can ambush anyone unfortunate enough to walk by without paying attention. The other two are hiding out somewhere…most likely recovering from having a big Boy Scout sleep over this week.

Treasure waiting for me in the mailbox. Thank you Mailman : ) I will be enjoying these later when we get back from tennis meeting.  DH will be playing euchre on his phone…it’s a nice evening to sit outside and have a pale ale and enjoy this country life.

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Lovely Places to Visit


Lovely Places to Visit

Here are some sweet little spots I have linked to today. Stop by for  a spell and check out all the great ideas!

New Kits at Polly’s


  I was working today on the sweet kitI picked out all the ingredients last night  to whip up some great little projects . A little of this…a little of that. Guess I didn’t realize that I went a little overboard. That is so like me. If a little is good…then a lot must be better right? LOL .  When my girlfriend Carol came in I told her I was thinking that I might just post them in the Etsy shop without a collage of project ideas. That did not go over well LOL. So here’s for Carol….lot’s of crafty goodness : )

Here is the kit…

Here is the projects….

A cutie little book

Here is the cards….

Here are the tags….

I am just loving these projects!!! Wouldn’t they make  sweet little notes to tuck in a backpack for a little girl going back to  school? Or even strung on a ribbon as a banner?

Call of the Wild Pocket Mini


Here is the fun little mini I made Wednesday at our movie night with the girlies at the shop! We did have a great time watching Pirates of the Caribbean and eating popcorn and candy and pizza for dinner. Surprisingly I actually got something finished!!! This is pocket folded paper book that goes together in a flash. I chose plaid paper from GCD Studios to go with the Call of the Wild stickers. I also tried out the Adirondak Spray in espresso on the tags and came up with an awesome mottled look the appears and feels like leather!!! Will be trying this technique again : )

Loving the tabs on the side that are pull out tags!

Fun ticket cut out for journaling.

Animal stickers on the pockets.

How cool are these tags??? This was truly a happy accident!

These tags will hold nice big pictures : )

Funny Halloween Card


This Halloween card is very whimsical and fun! I’ve layered holiday inspired papers with a flourish background image from Graphics Fairy. What a great base that is for this dashing couple dressed to the nines and ready for a howling good time out on the town. I’ve added the ribbon and ric rak and a great bow accented with a mailing tag for the holiday. There’s also buttons with string to finish it off. What a fun Halloween card to give to someone with a cheeky sense of humor!!!