This Country Life…..


Hard to believe another week has gone by so fast. We dropped off Kid #1 at the high school this morning so he can spend a week at band camp. Kid #2 and I have decided that we are bored without him. : ( Decided to get out the fall decor and start sorting it to determine what should be taken to the shop, and what should stay home. Not making too much progress….unless you count little hairy beasts playing in the foliage. Just for the record…Lily started it.

It didn’t take long for Stinker Tinker to get in on the fun…

I shoulda named that little girl Killer LOL.

Our resident cranes had themselves a little get together…

just goes to show we can all get along : )

I made some yummy egg bread..



After Kid #2 had several large slices…toasted of course : )

Typical of a growing boy I think : )

Visit to the Corn Wagon… Love me some fresh locally grown produce.

Blanched some veggies to put in the freezer….french beans and asparagus yum!!!

A little love for the vacuum sealer ♥

Kid #2 and I made some homemade “poptarts” Found this on a great cooking blog…unfortunately I can remember what one…when I do I will link it. All I have to say about cooking with kids is that it wont be pretty…but it will be tasty…and you will have a lot more fun : )

Kid #2 was on sprinkles…..just sayin.

Here is a good start to the Fall decor….not 100% lovin it yet….thinking I might

need to go down to the farm market and pick up some little straw bales????

I have a few fun vintage inspired Halloween pieces. I really love the black cat with the cheesy grin. Their funny little hats just crack me up : ) I will update this as soon as I figure out how to finish it off.

Just got back from our trail hike. I really do enjoy the hike…I really do not enjoy the mosquitoes. Now to enjoy a little football….play scrabble on the tablet with DH . Have a lager and enjoy this country life.

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  1. I think the sprinkles are perfect…Kid #2 did an awesome job! BTW…the bread looks yummy..and I think I could put a bigger dent into it…than kid #2..LOL Loving the Halloween decor!! Our favorite time of year!!
    Hugs..from you BFF 🙂

  2. Your bread looks so yummy! I love homemade bread. I have a bread machine and used to make it all the time. The veggies looks delicious too!
    I love your decorations, the pumpkin head is my favorite!

    Have a great day!

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