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Thank You Card with Butterfly


This paper from Pink Paislee was love at first sight! I used it as the background for this pretty vintage inspired thank you card. Lot’s of layers and inking add beautiful detail. Ribbon and lace trim are the perfect embellishments and the buttons with string to  finish it off. The creme colored paper is from Graphic 45 and the lace is from Webster’s Pages.

This Country Life…


I make no secret that I am not a friend of technology. I have learned what I know only through relentless repetition( and a little help from the peeps here in the nest.) I did however think that I had mastered the camera. That is until the imported pictures did not reveal images of the lovely oatmeal molasses bread I made, and the tasty fixins for the breakfast burritos I made for the boys. Where have the pictures gone???  I will send out an all points bulletin and when we find them I will update the post. The bread was packaged up with some tasty seedless black raspberry jelly we got at the farm market intending to make a nice breakfast for DH and his crew….but alas was accidentally forgotten in the bag on the back of the couch.

Here are the burritos all packaged up and ready for the freezer…

This make school mornings go much easier!

Would love to insert picture of  tasty freshly baked oatmeal bread here…but the camera wouldn’t give me my picture back! Bad camera!! Bad!!

We had orientation at the high school and picked up marching uniform then went to Jenny’s Farm Market.

They have an amazing variety there! I am on a mission to try everything! Okay…maybe not the jalapeno eggs. : )

Wowsers that’s a lot of pickles!

mmmmm Jammmmm. We did leave with a jar : ) No sugar added seedless black raspberry! ( If anyone wants some…it’s in the bag with the bread on the back of the couch lol.)

Isn’t this a nice spot to enjoy a freshly made pumpkin doughnut and cider?

Kid #2 found a little bunny rabbit. How cute is that????

Jessica and Amy were so nice and helpful! Don’t they look like twins??? Amy was making the doughnuts : ) Yes that box on the counter is ours! No…I’m not going to tell you how many doughnuts we bought! : ) Kid #2 picked out a ginorous honey rock melon, and I found some pickled cauliflower.

They have a little petting farm too!

This one is an expert poser!

Newborn baby goat and it’s mama. AWWWWWW

This is what awaited us on the way home……

You know you’re in Pinckney if you’ve ever had to stop to let turkey vultures cross the road. Those things are ugly!!! And they think they have the right of way!

We spent most of the evening watching Kid #1 marching with the band at the new stadium.

DH took this one. Nice perspective from the top looking down. I should also note that the pic of the score board was his shot too. Mine had a goal post going through it : (

Okay…everybody line up.

That’s Kid #1 in the red shirt.

About the time I look down and realize the Kid #2 is already stepping all over the tops of his new shoes! Oh Man!!!

All in all a very good way to spend the day and enjoys this country life : )

Back to School Photo Album


I made this album for those who like to have their pictures ready to show off….but who don’t feel the need to scrapbook them. I used the new line ABC Primer from Graphic 45. The vintage colors and cute children are so sweet! There is a ton of paper piecing here for lot’s of detail. I also made the flower from the same paper to coordinate perfectly! Some pretty blush colored ribbon and some buttons with string finish off this album.

This Country Life…..


Hard to believe another week has gone by so fast. We dropped off Kid #1 at the high school this morning so he can spend a week at band camp. Kid #2 and I have decided that we are bored without him. : ( Decided to get out the fall decor and start sorting it to determine what should be taken to the shop, and what should stay home. Not making too much progress….unless you count little hairy beasts playing in the foliage. Just for the record…Lily started it.

It didn’t take long for Stinker Tinker to get in on the fun…

I shoulda named that little girl Killer LOL.

Our resident cranes had themselves a little get together…

just goes to show we can all get along : )

I made some yummy egg bread..



After Kid #2 had several large slices…toasted of course : )

Typical of a growing boy I think : )

Visit to the Corn Wagon… Love me some fresh locally grown produce.

Blanched some veggies to put in the freezer….french beans and asparagus yum!!!

A little love for the vacuum sealer ♥

Kid #2 and I made some homemade “poptarts” Found this on a great cooking blog…unfortunately I can remember what one…when I do I will link it. All I have to say about cooking with kids is that it wont be pretty…but it will be tasty…and you will have a lot more fun : )

Kid #2 was on sprinkles…..just sayin.

Here is a good start to the Fall decor….not 100% lovin it yet….thinking I might

need to go down to the farm market and pick up some little straw bales????

I have a few fun vintage inspired Halloween pieces. I really love the black cat with the cheesy grin. Their funny little hats just crack me up : ) I will update this as soon as I figure out how to finish it off.

Just got back from our trail hike. I really do enjoy the hike…I really do not enjoy the mosquitoes. Now to enjoy a little football….play scrabble on the tablet with DH . Have a lager and enjoy this country life.