Makeover Update


As promised…here is a picture of the before hutch. Forgot to take pic until DH drug the darn thing outside.

Drum Roll Please…….

Still thinking of removing the small lamps to make more room for white china or stacks of books? BTW Only the bowls started out white. I had a very mismatched collection of glass wear, pottery and platters. Thanks to can of lovely crisp white spray paint…everything matches!!!! Got the inpiration for Flea Market Decorating Magazine.  How’s that for thrifting?????

Here are some views of the fireplace mantle…

Still trying to think of solution to hide big ( I repeat) Big ugly mirror. Thinking either can of opaque window spray…you know the kind you use at Christmas?  Or possibly just a few more layers of black and white framed prints that are bigger??? Anyway…having a shameless self promotion moment…I took the photos in the frames. I walked around the garden center next door to my shop and got these great pics. Learning to do image altering…not bad for a first try : )

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  1. I just love how this turned out!! The glass turned out fabby! The hutch piece is one of my favorites of yours ;-)…I bet you were wearing your itty bitty teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini…when you were painting this….:-) Hugs from your BFF!! Who is wearing the matching itty bitty teeny weeny pink polka dot bikini…and who cares if we are just dreaming…LOL!! Have a fabby day!!

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