Wedding Book and more Shinies!!!!!


Been working on a wedding book for my new friend Susan. Pink and navy for her daughters wedding colors. Turned out to be a fun combination to work with : ) Susan is a quilter….so I thought I better show off my new found sewing skills! She picked out all the papers herself(you know how quilters are!!! LOL Just Kidding)

See…told ya I could sew. Straight lines even!!!!!

The page on the right has a pocket to tuck in extra pictures or mementos from the honeymoon.

Had some fun layering the chipboard pieces here.

One more pocket page.

You know I can’t resist the buttons.

Pages for he family. One more pocket.

Susan really liked the saying on the right side page. I couldn’t agree more!

Now we will see if she can resist giving it to her daughter before the wedding! Thank you Susan for keeping me busy : )

On to the shinies!!!!!

Okay….here’s the disclaimer….I do know that shinies is not a real word. But every time you see something glittery don’t you say ” ooooooo shiny” ? Thought so!!!!

That’s a big chunky chipboard piece that has hand applied silver glass glitter. Yay!!!

Then I strung it on a nice long piece of mocha colored ribbon. I put two tags on, one with a beautiful image from Graphics Fairy. Good things do come in small sizes. The next tag has a pretty vintage inspired number image and mocha colored button with string. A nice length of pale, creamy lace is the finishing touch! LOVE IT!!!

This one is similar….but has a coppery glass glitter covered dragonfly. LOVE IT TOO!!!!

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