Trim & Tags


Continuing my gradual descent into the world of vintage and shabby chic I find that I can not-I repeat-can not resist lace and trim. It must go on everything!!! I made up these tasty trim tags yesterday with lot’s of trim and tags that can be reused! These trims are in dreamy pale shades and come in 1 yard lengths, so there’s 4 yards of lace trim and 5 tags. The tags on the binder rings are actually mailing tags with a metal ring, fun vintage number and button with string. The other tags are a double layer so they’re extra sturdy.

Saving the best for last!!!!

I also worked in time for a bonus project yesterday. All I can say is

I Love these!!!!!!!

Mailing tags with beautiful paper, vintage numbers, ribbon, lace, and lovely little crown embellishments. Swoon now or forever hold your peace!

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  1. This is a great idea and what fun it would be to get this as a gift. Just wanted to know where you got the vintage numbers.

    • I too LOVE the vintage numbers. The vintage numbers are Pink Paislee Daily Junque “Paper Tabs”-how they were punched out is what I am curious about.

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