Shadow Box Collage (2)


I just couldn’t resist making another one of these shadow boxes! It was really so much fun! This one I was able to complete using only bits and pieces from the salvage and scrap box.

This one is a more feminine version with much softer colors. I painted the box..then I inked it using a paintbrush and tobacco colored chalk ink. I made that sweet little flower the other day with my friend Pat. The sewing machine? Dusty Attic. The sweet vintage background images are from Graphics Fairy. I encourage you all to click on that link on the right and check it out for yourself! A few pieces from Graphic 45. Lace and buttons of course! The patterned paper is from Graphic 45. Yay salvage and scrap box!!!!! Oh and before I forget…the lace in the top corner is from my friend Jane : ) I have such generous friends : ) All in all I think the whole thing turned out just lovely!

A Word Or Two About Puttering

It’s a rare treat to have a day off on Saturday. I’m usually up early to get the posts managed…a little facebook…see what there is to see on Etsy before going into the shop to make something pretty…something useful…give something a new life as “something else.”

This Saturday I am home.

Still up before 6. I am an early bird even on my day off.

The day will be busy. Lot’s to prepare before tomorrow’s festivities begin. Spring Cleaning is a must! Grocery shopping too…don’t forget the (fill in the blank)!

Instead I find myself puttering. A truly underrated activity in my opinion. A little of this and that…a whole lot of nothing. You can even drink a lovely cup of coffee while you do it. Make mine strong please! I’ve managed all the computer work now and I should get going….but there’s just one last blog to check…might be important…don’t want to miss anything! I’m sure the rest of the world will still be there when I get back. : )


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  1. Enjoy your time off and your family! Puttering is definitely a well-deserved perk of our busy lives. Happy and Blessed Easter to you dear friend! 🙂

  2. Just stopping by from Graphic Fairies. I just love your shadow box. The colors are great and I love the GF pieces you chose as well as all the little goodies you added inside.

  3. What a wonderfully feminine shadow box. It’s a treasure. And I completely understand about the early riser (even on a day off), I get up at 5am 7 days a week. And yes, I agree. Puttering around is under-rated, especially for those of us who rarely do it. Enjoy your cup of coffee, and we will still be here. 🙂 Have a wonderful day!

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