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Flower Day (2)


Here’s a few more flowers I made yesterday. These all came from the same sheet of paper!

With only 2 layers this one is much simpler than the ones from yesterday but still cute!

One more layer and that same little flower looks much fuller!

The center of this flower is a rose made from the 6 petal flower punch. I added more layers for a little more fullness. I alternated the paper too using the back for some layers.

This is the same rose center as above..only with the green side more prominent. The outside layers are a different flower pattern cut on the Cricut. I like this one better!

This little cutie would be great as the center for a larger flower. This one just has two layers and a brad in the middle.

I’m sorta on the fence about this one. I do like it…but it’s more stylized and doesn’t really resemble any flower I know of. It would work great though in the center of another larger flower or as a ribbon slide.

I really like this one. I do not recommend trying to make it unless you were born with the unfortunate abnormality of having two sets of hands. Every time I got some of it glued down..another part would slide out of place. It is totally adorable though so I will be making them again however frustrating it was!


Polly’s Flower Shop????


So here is the results of my day of making flowers! First attempt. My impatience got the better of me and I didn’t wait very long for the layers to dry. It’s a bit poofy but I still like it.

Second try…much better.

Third try is my favorite! I added a little sparkle to the edges.

This is the same color cardstock and inks but I made them into buds to put on a stem.

Different color cardstock and ink. I also added a vintage looking button center.

I really like this color combination. Very vintage and shabby!!!

This one is my favorite. I love the natural look of it. It’s just like a real flower!

Stem with buds…. same color as favorite flower.

Different flower shape+richer color+brad center= perfection!

Not a bad days work if I do say so myself : ) Oh yeah…in case you’re wondering all the cardstock came from the salvage and scrap box so I did use something old!!! I did add a new bottle of Glimmer Mist to my collection, but all the inks were previously used.

Guess I shouldn’t use all these on the same project hahaha.

Why is it??????


That cats can curl up together in the sun for like 15 hours straight without moving a whisker….but get a camera out and they run for cover????? This would have been a sweet picture….but no this is what we get instead.

The boys trying their “look innocent” routine. Like I don’t know they are conspiring their daily mischief when I leave for the day. I’m on to them!!!!!

My Scooter baby. Look at that sweet face!!!

Webster’s Pages Cards


I selected 2 sheets of Webster’s Pages paper this morning and made these to very pretty, very girly cards.

D.H. must have been impressed with the amount of stuff I managed to glue on to the front because he took this shot from the side hahaha.

I cut the flourish on the Cricut and used a few bits and pieces from the scrap and stash box.

Something Old…Something New


Okay…not really talking about wedding traditions here…but more of a personal commitment to use items from the scrap and stash box. All those lovely little salvage pieces left over from other projects. So for every new project I start I will be taking at least one item from the scrap and stash box to add . My first project was a success. A pair of lovely cards made from Webster’s Pages paper. I found some flowers and bling and  an acrylic piece left behind from previous artistic endeavors. I am challenging all of you to do the same : ) I will be posting these cards tomorrow morning so watch out for them…you may just be inspired to make some of your own!

Card for Church Crop Makeover


I made this card for a church crop class last Saturday. The plan was to make a card that was beginner friendly. The paper is from Crate. I did punch the first border strip to look like black lace and stamped the sentiment. It is quite simple though…and was crying out to me to finish it.

Or maybe it was just an excuse to get into one of the new Distress Inks. LOL

I stamped the butterfly with a stamp from Pink Paislee…then inked it with the Wild Honey Distress Ink. (LOVE IT!) Next I inked the little roses that where white to start. While I had the ink out I went ahead and added some color to the sentiment and a little blending on the top patterned paper. The black flourishes were cut on the Cricut and adhered by running them through my new Xyron. Another excuse to buy a new toy?????? Maybe!!!! Okay so once the flourishes I used a bit of the leaf vine then added the roses and last but not least black bling to add some sparkle : )