Blog Challenge (3) Entries


This first entry is from Heather Hudson.

Heather added so much detail I almost didn’t recognize the paper LOL. There is a ton of inking and shading here as well as flowers, trim, stickles, beads, metal charms and butterflies. Oh my!!! Beautiful work Heather!


The next entry is from Annamarie Mondro

Annamarie used the Jenni Bowlin bingo cards and calendar. She also added lot’s of detail with buttons, chipboard, die cuts, bling, butterflies, trim and flowers! So pretty! I love how she mixed up the pictures…color and black and white. How fun!  I also love the background papers : )


Good Luck to both our challengers!!!! You may begin voting now : ) and continue until the 28th. Winner will be announced on the 29th. You can register your vote by commenting on this post. Later today we will have a separate link on the right to click on and vote!



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  1. Wow, both are wonderful creations! I love the papers and layout in them both. But I do enjoy the “vintage” look of Heathers the bestest.

  2. I vote for Heather!!!! Beautiful work. Wish I had 1/2 the talent of either of these girls. both wonderful.

  3. My vote is for AnnaMarie’s layout of her beautiful Abby. Love all the details and the great mix of patterns.

  4. I vote for Annamarie. I liked how prominent the pictures were. They didn’t get lost in the other details. Lovely!

  5. Both are great and showcase the talent of Anna Marie and Heather. I like Anna Marie’s best though. Her work is as beautiful as little Abby.

  6. I vote for Heather. Her detail is impeccable. I am not even sure if we can really get the full feel and appreciation on live. Amazing work.

  7. I vote for AnnaMarie with a great layout and an excellant job of mixing design, detail,and a beautiful daughter.

  8. I vote for Heather!!! Just love it. Send me one just like it without the pictures!! I’ll add my own. Big hug to you!

    • LOL…Jenn~ I got a whole list of stuff…you want me to send you…lol. Hope you feel better soon! Hugs! Thanks for course…another painting girlie!

  9. Heather’s detail is gorgeous. Love her designs. Wish I could come up with designs like that. I vote for Heather.

  10. Both are beautiful, but I vote for AnnaMarie. It is cleaner looking and the pictures aren’t overwhelmed by the page.

    • Thanks for including me in your comment…Honestly…Abby is all the embellishment one would need for a page to be beautiful. 🙂 Hugs Abby!

      I wish I could get some of these Abby embellishments for my pages 🙂 Then I wouldn’t have to do all the painting etc…to make my pages look pretty.

  11. I love Heather’s, all that detail and red is my favourite colour.

    But my vote goes to Anne Marie, for the lightness and freshness of the presentation and the way the image relates to the photos.

    Either way, it was a hard choice between two lovely pieces. Good luck.

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