Recipe for success!


I don’t get to join in the challenge…but I do want to join in the fun! Here is the little mini I whipped up for the recipe theme for our blog challenge. Super fun paper and lot’s of it. 6 layers just on the front cover! I added a few flowers from Petaloo. The top one I had to use some orange marmalade Distress ink on to make the color pop. The center is a chip element that I covered in a flower pattern that was on a scrap from the patterned paper…topped off with a cute little brad.  A few buttons for some accent color and that is a recipe for a sweet little book cover.

First set of pages with recipe cards attached at the top and secured at the bottom with a little metal element. The card flips up…so more room to add your recipe details. Notice the tabs on the side of the pages??? I just love em! I should have put dessert first though…darn! There is a lot of pattern going on here so all it needed for embellishment was a few buttons.

There is a pocket on the right of this set of pages to tuck in extra recipes. Another flip up card and a sweet little flower I made simply by layering some buttons on a paper flower and leaf. Very cheerful I think.

Two more flip up cards here. Kiss the cook says it all…no need for further embellishment. I used that strong orange solid to separate the patterns…. otherwise it might make your eyes go buggy.

This has turned out to be my favorite set of pages. Funny considering that when I was assembling them I wasn’t sure I was going to like them at all. lol . It came to life after I added the little paper strips to the pocket…then layered on some flower parts. The center of the flower is another piece cut from the scrap I mentioned earlier. It just goes to show that even little scraps can make a big impact!

The back is covered in a fun little plaid.  You can see all the tabs from the back now.

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  1. This turned out great! My Favorite pages are the third picture down…although I like the same ones you chose too. Very cute! Love that Plaid…you know me and the plaid…LOL.

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